"Many of Flamenco's new fans say the dance does not replace their usual exercise regimes, but complements them ~ the centred confidence and erect carriage that are essential to Flamenco being quoted as the single greatest benefit.”  


Are you thinking about learning Flamenco? Do you have some knowledge, but you haven’t practiced for a while? Do you usually dance as a hobby, but somehow you’ve lost touch? Well, here at Fiesta Dance Centre we have everything you need to encourage and motivate you to continue your Flamenco journey.

Why Flamenco? Beyond elegance and art, dancing Flamenco is a practice that alleviates stress, helps to increase flexibility, strength and coordination, eliminates toxins, burns calories, strengthens and tones muscles and improves memory, musicality and rhythm.  In short, if you want to feel good and give your body a good dose of vitality, go for Flamenco dancing!

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