“All you can do is be your best self.  I'm representing more than just me.  I think everyone should be like that.” 

Misty Copeland


Ballet can transform your body, becoming strong, long, lean and flexible. By using classical ballet technique as a core structure, along with classical ballet exercises you will be training your body through repetition and creating muscle memory. Taking ballet class can help improve joint flexibility, core strength, balance, muscle definition, posture, spatial awareness, stamina, musicality and confidence. 

Yes, it’s hard work, and arguably the most difficult dance style to master, but ballet can also be the most magical. There’s a reason why the general public are so fascinated with the art form; it’s elite athletes doing the most incredible things and making them look effortless.  Don’t weigh yourself down too much with the pursuit of perfection though; sometimes you just need to allow yourself to be swept away in the beauty, the tradition and the romance of the movement and the music.


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